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Riese & Müller Culture

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Every Riese & Müller bike is the result of a precisely thought out concept to meet a very specific need, born ojt of our passion and our unique approuch. We strike for perfection, aspire to innovation and embrace experimentation at every moment and in every detail. This is how we can create perfection on two wheels.

Only a full suspension bike can keep both wheels on the ground under any conditions. Giving you full control at all times. The active rear swing arm, optimized front suspension and the carrier which travels with the rear suspension make up the core of the control technology. They ensure superior road handling and increased rider safety at high speeds and in tricky situations.

No matter what challenges a route throws at you it can take it. Bosch motors with harmonious to powerful pedal aasistance offer solid support for all requirements. The bosch intuvia and Nyon Display both constitute the control center of the bike. Ultra modern Bosch lithium-ion batteries with 400,500 or 1000 wh ( dualbattery )capacity provide the power for effortless bike rides.

Whatever your purpose , whatever you requirements, you will find the right gear among the Riese & Müller E-bikes. Comfortable hub gears, sporty chain gears or a combination of both for the most ambitious E-bike riders-these allow a wide and highly customizable configuration.