Pinarello Dogma F8 Frame Maximize

Pinarello Dogma F8 Frame

  • Frame: Full Carbon T1100 1K
  • Color: Black/ Red

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  • SOE System
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  • UCI approved
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  • Think2system
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The new Pinarello frames was made under the Think2 philosophy, or in other words, designed to adapt perfectly to either mechanical or electronic groupsets thanks to a new system of adaptors that allow for perfect integration and internal cable routing for both systems.

SOE is the acronym for SIMULATION OPTIMIZATION EVOLUTION whereby the initial tests in the design phase are done via technical software which simulates resistance, fatigue, stress, aerodynamic impact.

The PINARELLOLAB has introduced the E.P.S. (Expandable Polystyrene System) production process in an effort to both increase rigidity and safeness as well as to decrease the overall weight of the frame. Increased compaction makes for a more rigid frame which allows you, the rider, to have greater control of the bike and lose less energy due to frame flex laterally.

The E.P.S. process allows Pinarello to eliminate extra and unnecessary material as the compaction of carbon layers is optimized thus translating into an overall weight savings. This process also eliminates small imperfections that come about under traditional frame production methods. These imperfections are often the cause of structural failure and represent a risk for the rider. By eliminating these structural imperfections through EPS processes, Pinarello has improved the safety of its frames above the industry standard.

The E.P.S. system consists in laminating carbon sheets around Polystyrene forms with perfectly smooth surfaces and leaving these forms inside the mold during the pressure phase of production. The mold expands both due to increased heat in addition to added air pressure leaving a controlled and optimized thickness of carbon material throughout the frame.  The polystyrene mold is then removed when the production process is complete.